Allsafe India – Securing The Nation

Everything begins with  an  idea“,

Ideas are meant to be  implemented, and ideas are  bulletproof.

Allsafe India is a Research based  start-up  in the field of technology & cyber security.

Allsafe India - Securing the Nation

Our mission is to secure the Nation and Innovate new Technology and solve the most difficult cyber security problems to make everyone safe.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Penetration testing

VAPT- Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on web applications, server, networks and android,ios applications.

Web Development

Web development, design, SEO are being done with Allsafe India Expertise.

Cross Platform Application Development

The Dev Team of Allsafe India is developing application for any platform


Everything that can be automated will be automated.


Allsafe India prefers skills & talents more than academic scores and background, we believe in self-learning & skill-building. “There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you’re Self-made.

We care about Innovation more than Competition, Our aim is to provide opportunities to them who deserve and pushing this Country and the Generation towards a brighter future.

Team Allsafe India endeavoring towards Research based projects in multiple domains like Cyber Security, App development, Web development etc.

We implement the ideas by offering our teammates, A home friendly environment and full Independence in work according to their abilities and skills , Work from Home Facility ,according to their suitable time.


In the journey of securing the nation . We have secured so many enterprises . Here is a short list of them

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